Norway Clown Camp

An annual workshop retreat happening each summer. 

Created by Undercover Theatre Company, led by David Tann.

Founded in 2017, NCC aims to create theatre workshops for development and creation. 


Previous workshop leaders:

    Dr Brown                     John Wright                    Jango Edwards                    Claudia Cantone

   (Phil Burgers)


On an island just outside of Oslo, Norway´s Clown Camp is located between the forests of Nesodden on Skuterud Farm.
We share the space with horses, sheep and chickens giving a beautiful setting to explore the world of clowning.


Clown is a path that goes against everything we were taught at school - 'I have to be good', 'I can't make mistakes', 'I know what i am doing'.
Clown is a way to be bad, to make mistakes and find freedom in the unknown. To have pleasure to be bad onstage. How are you unique? We work to find your individuality, what makes you funny and how to share this with an audience.  
Using our sensitivity we no longer need to pretend, to act, or put on a mask.

There is freedom in becoming good at being bad.


S E N D    I N    T H E    C L O W N S

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